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American Wood Vents specializes in standard-sized and custom built wood products for your home or project. We supply the finishing touches with quality wood vents and cold air returns. Our floor register designs are carefully crafted; made to withstand regular traffic in your home. We also offer CNC and laser design services, along with other moulding capabilities.

All of our products are made domestically in the United States. There's nothing like American-made quality to enhance your home!

We began making vents to high end builders and contractors who install hardwood flooring. Then we decided to expand our customer base to include retail and wholesale wood suppliers throughout the country. Our incredible deals are a good reason to place your first order and our quality and consistency is the reason our kind customers come back.

Our founder spent twelve years in the hardwood floor business installing, sanding, and finishing beautiful floors for homeowners throughout Alabama, Georgia, and finally North Carolina. He began installing oak stairways, and supplied vents to the homeowners he worked with. When he founded American Wood Vents, he finally realized his goal of crafting quality wood products for thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. Since then, we’ve been busy, supplying crafted wood vents for high end builders, floor supply retailers and homeowners nationwide!

Our company believes in supplying you with a product that will not only look beautiful in your home or project, but that is built to last as long as you keep your home. We use quality materials that are machined and assembled by craftsman helps us to stand out in vent manufacturing.

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Our products are made in the USA!

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