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RMH wanted to make the house and dining room more like a home with a kitchen/dining room and less like a cafeteria. They knew the plastic vents did not match their vision of what they wanted. The Ops manager saw your work and said "now that's what we wanted". Good job!

Bill Hayes, 9/15/16

Everyone loves it! Not only does it look fantastic it is very functional and the magnets are a great feature. We stained it with a color called “driftwood” which dulls the orange of the fir. Thanks for your assistance with the process and quality craftsmanship.

Helen Hald, 1/9/16

Please thank the people in the shop for such a great job on my new floor vents. My wife and really love them. Great job! And thanks for making them on such short notice, they were delivered the day before my installer was to start.

Tom Goughan, 3/28/16

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